Administrative Law Judge,
State of North Carolina

What does an Administrative Law Judge do?

Preside over and conduct hearings concerning state agencies and the Administrative Procedure Act, including complex and high profile environmental, employment, and educational cases. Hear and render decisions on discovery and dispositive pre-hearing motions. Perform legal research and prepare decisions based on competent evidence presented at hearings.

District Attorney,
Rockingham County

Elected 2006, Re-Elected 2010 – represented the State of North Carolina and the 93,000 citizens of Rockingham County in all criminal prosecutions from capital murder cases to traffic citations. Managed and recruited a staff of 18 employees, and set goals and objectives for staff and assistant district attorneys. Implemented policies and procedures for six law enforcement agencies. Conducted various trainings for staff, prosecutors, and law enforcement. Oversaw compliance with state and local procedures for prosecution and office management.

Developed media strategies, prepared media releases, and served as the point of contact for all print, digital, and television communications.

Fundamentally changed the culture of the District Attorney’s Office and the courthouse with aggressive policies and procedures designed to make Rockingham County a safer place to live, work, and raise a family. The district transformed from one of the lowest performing in the state to the toughest district for prison sentences in North Carolina in three of the last six years of my administration.

Represented National District Attorney’s Association in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as a Non-Governmental Observer to the United States v Khalid Sheikh Mohammad hearings.

As President of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys, developed positions and policies to improve administration of justice in North Carolina. Lobbied legislators and worked with stakeholders for positive legislation/procedures for prosecution, victims, and law enforcement.

Presentations by Phil Berger, Jr.

Administrative Law Judge

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District Attorney

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