Phil Berger, Jr. is the solid Candidate for the North Carolina Court of Appeals Phil is the candidate with a high level of integrity and a congenial, courteous and professional demeanor.

Phil has the experience Attorney District Attorney Administrative Law Judge to do the job.

Phil Berger, Jr. has represented the people of North Carolina as District Attorney, prosecuting cases from capital murder to traffic citations. Follow the path and you will see why Phil Berger, Jr. is the common sense choice for the North Carolina Appeals Court.

The Solid Choice

The Preferred Candidate

The People's Candidate

Phil Berger, Jr. is an active member of his community.

Experience that Counts

Phil Berger, Jr. has served as a District Attorney and Administrative Law Judge.

A Fair Approach

Phil has applied the law fairly throughout his career. He believes in the Constitution, the rule of law, and judicial restraint.

Solid Judicial Temperament

Phil Berger, Jr. exhibits patience, open-mindedness, courtesy, tact, courage, firmness, understanding, compassion, humility and common sense.

The Time to Be Fair

Phil Berger, Jr. takes the time to assure fairness.

High Ethical Standards

Phil exhibits the highest levels of personal and professional ethics. He's taught courses on prosecutorial ethics, and if he gives you his word, you can bet he keeps his promises.

Educated in the Law

Phil keeps current on legal issues and trends, allowing him to treat parties fairly and consistently.


Phil Berger, Jr. is known to be an adept communicator with the ability to express himself clearly and concisely.

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