You may have heard of Twitter or you actually may use it. If you take just three minutes a day, you can make a huge difference in the campaign using Twitter. First, Twitter is a very powerful "microblogging" site that has at least 305 million monthly active users. This means that North Carolina citizens are likely well covered in that population. If we share content on Twitter about the campaign, it's a good chance voters will see it. All positive points of exposure that the campaign can get via Twitter is helpful. This is where you come in...


If you're not a Twitter user already, create a Twitter account and explore the Twitterverse. You may be a bit overwhelmed with all of the content, but don't let it slow you down. Go ahead and visit Phil Berger, Jr.'s Twitter feed. Here, you will find official Tweets and some reTweets from the campaign. Any of these Tweets, especially the original Tweets from the Campaign, can be reTweeted by you. If you'd like, you can also reTweet and add your own comments or words of support and use the hashtag to further define the content. You can also use the "Like" function to like any of the Tweets from the campaign. This also helps promote the messages.

If you have never used Twitter before, you may want to read this simple guide from the folks at Twitter: Getting Started with Twitter.


Facebook has a population larger than most countries. In fact, Facebook has over 1.5 Billion monthly active users. We don't need all of the users to see the messages from the Campaign, but if we can get even a modest portion to see it, it will help. We can do this by utilizing two key methods: Sharing Content and Creating Content. The campaign uses this Facebook account (be sure to LIKE it).


Sharing Content

If you visit Phil Berger, Jr.'s Facebook page, you will see the stream of content the Campaign has shared. Some may be event photos while other content may be information on upcoming events or topical interests. Read through the content and find anything that may interest your friends. At this point, either Like (use the like button) or Share the content with your friends. If you do both, it's far more effective in spreading the word. Also, if the content is shared with people who live outside of North Carolina, don't worry.

Creating Content

If you have a few minutes of time, you can create content to help the campaign. This takes two forms: Comments and Original Content. For Comments, simply use the Comments button and add your own comments to any post on the Campaign Facebook page. With your comments, you can also "tag" friends you already have on Facebook. This is always a good step after you Like a Facebook post. To Create original content, simply post a photo (like from an event with Phil Berger, Jr.) or web link to information about the campaign to Facebook. When you do this, it's also a good idea to include the link to the Official Facebook page for the campaign ( ). You can copy and paste this text into any Facebook post.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor still have significant weight. Many people will read the Letters to the Editor and the Opinion Page of a newspaper before they go to other sections. Those people who are actively involved in politics and more likely to vote are even more likely to read the Letters to the Editor. This is why your help is needed.

Any time during the Campaign season and especially as the election dates approach in November, send a letter to the editor for your preferred (you're not restricted to only one) local newspaper. We've included links below for several of the larger papers. If your local paper isn't listed here, a quick search on the web will reveal the address or the website for you to address your own Letter to the Editor.

Some rules for writing a Letter to the Editor are available here.

Other publications

Star News - Wilmington Send an email to This the preferred method of receiving letters. Please limit yourself to 1,300 characters, which comes out to roughly 225 words. If you do not have access to a computer, you may mail a letter of no more than 225 words addressed to Letters to the Editor, StarNews Media, 1003 S. 17th St., Wilmington, NC 28401.

Asheville Citizen-Times Send an e-mail to or send fax to 828-281-2592; or by regular mail to: Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box 2090, Asheville, NC 28802